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title. Beams


date. 2018

city. Las Vegas

Beams is an audiovisual instrument. Taking the form of a light and sound corridor, it deploys through a 100m alley. It is formed by a set of 64 moving head lights, 64 luminous columns and 32 speakers.

Each of the moving heads has a sound oscillator associated to it, which is spatialized to its closer speaker, and which reacts to the brightness, speed and position of the light. At the same time, the luminous columns also parallel this same strategy, having one sound oscillator each. This system creates a unified light and sound instrument, which can be either sequenced or played live from the control booth.

Beams was premiered at LIB festival in Las Vegas, during September 2018. Thousands of people could enjoy this transition corridor between different music stages, experiencing moments of beauty, fear and deep immersion.

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